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In this video, I will be going over the level 30, 50, and 60 Hokoras of the new season!
With the Dragon Quest V event still in full swing, we again get a new Hokora Ruler, Gonzu, for the level 70 Hokora. Besides that, there are going to be a couple of new Hokoras and one Hokora Ruler that will be returning. The first Hokora that I will do is for the level 30 Hokora with the Priest Knight as its ruler. The level 50 Hokora will be the Drago Metal, which gives us two Hokoras that contain metal type enemies. The last Hokora that I will go over will be for the Devil Knight. The Devil Knight was a Hokora Ruler last year and had made his return to this year’s events. Though the Devil Knight Hokora did give me some trouble last year, I am now strong enough to pretty much use my leveling party only.
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